Pengchen East Beach, Unbounded Coast

Urban Design for the Coastal Area of Shenshan Special Cooperation Zone

Shenshan Special Cooperation Zone is located in southeast of Guangdong province, west of Shanwei, next to Huizhou, facing to Honghai Bay. The area is located in the western part of the HongHai Bay, which is the maritime gateway zone of the Shenzhen Special Cooperation Zone.

【Design Strategy】

How to create a most dynamic and featured coastal city on a long and narrow coast? OBERMEYER designs with strategy “Urban Tetris Game” to become the urban game winner.

The design separates into three steps to create the city become the highest quality urban coastal area.

The first step is to balance, that set all type of vision we would like to implement into the site location;

The second step is to set the components that each block has their specific form and function(s). The four components are super dyke, green carpet, sky-link, terrace city.

The third step is to the placing that create the perfect form and perfect space to prevent space waste.

【 Planning Thinking】

The planning creates two distinctive bays and five different functionally positioned coastal urban areas(Gateway to coast city, Central sea exploration city, High speed Rail Wisdom Valley, Fishing village for Houmen Bay, Peninsula luxury bay), an eastern natural ecological bay, and an eastern vibrant urban bay.

Gateway to Coast City

The planning places cultural facilities such as concert halls and city balconies, and strengthen the beach leisure and entertainment function by increasing sports venues.

Central Sea Exploration City

With the theme of leisure tourism, the planning creates a new business card for the charming coastal city of Shenshan. From the top of Lianhua Mountain to Mangyu Island, we create a series of mountain-city-sea-island axes. The planning creates a multi-mode, multi-dimensional and diverse viewing and amusement experience by connecting all junctions of the ropeway and the aerial pedestrian platforms.

High Speed Rail Smart Valley

The area of Houmen Station is a place for intelligent manufacturing uses and creating efficient links, an ideal destination for research and innovation incubation. The design builds a high-quality and vibrant Central Park, setting up industrial culture exhibitions, robot exhibition centers, digital experience ports, and more. The area will become a valley of wisdom that integrates scientific and technological research and development, business contact, and entertainment exhibition functions.

Houmen Bay Fishing Village

Houmen Town is the root and soul of the Shenshan coastal area and is the symbol of life and cultural genes of the city. By introducing micro-renovation of villages, combining the Houmen Port passenger center and the fisherman market, the design makes a new tourist destination of local culture, leisure, sports, food and shopping.

Peninsula Luxury Bay

The design covers the unique domestic water golf courses, yacht marinas, water villas as well as water sports projects, like windsurfing. An international resort is introduced to create a quiet place away from the noise of the world.

Cooperation Firm: Professor Wang Shifu’s Team, South China University of Technology