The project area is located in the southern metropolis of China, the Pearl River Delta, of the most welldeveloped economic zones in China and even in the world. Shenzhen Baoan district is on the northwest side of the coast area in Shenzhen. This is the same area where the international airport of Shenzhen and the Da Chan Harbor has been located. This hub center of Shenzhen has a well-connected infrastructure on national and international scale level. The planning area contains 70 square kilometers with a coastline of 27 milometers long. The idea is to create a continuous green belt along this coastline, running from the north to the south, to form a green horizontal landmark for Shenzhen on the delta point of view. The design concept is divided into several steps, and every step stimulates the vitality of Shenzhen west coast waterfront. From the leisure side, different recreational routes for different users will create corresponding activities and programs. On the logistic level, the new airport city will support the logistics function of the airport related industry. The existing landscape such as the nearby mountains and the sea will play a big role in the green development. It will balance the new and the existing urban development.

Location: Shenzhen, China
Assignment type: Competition
Design Phases: Conceptual Planning
Type of project: Waterfront Landscape, Landscape Planning
Project duration: 2014
Area: 70000000 m²